Information for Photography Gear Heads

Large Format 4x5

  • Arca Swiss F-field 4x5 camera
  • Rodenstock 55mm f5.6 Grandagon
  • Rodenstock 75mm f5.6 Grandagon
  • Rodenstock 90mm f6.8 Grandagon
  • Schneider 120mm Super Symmar HM
  • Rodenstock 150mm f5.6 Sironar S
  • Rodenstock 210mm f5.6 Sironar N
  • Nikkor 360mm/500mm/720mm f8/f11/f16 ED-T

Large Format 8x10

  • Arca Swiss F-field 8x10 camera
  • Nikkor 120mm f8 SW
  • Rodenstock 240mm f5.6 Sironar N
  • Fujinon 300mm f8.5 C
  • Fujinon 450mm f12.5 C
  • Fujinon 600mm f11.5 C


  • Fujichrome Velvia 50 and Velvia 100 transparency film


  • Sekonic 558 digital spotmeter
  • Gitzo 3541XLS and 5542LS tripods
  • D4 geared head and B1 ball head
  • Photobackpacker Kelty P1 and P3 packs to haul it all

Printing / Scanning

  • Epson 3880 Inkjet Printer
  • Epson V700 Scanner ~